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Hard-To-Find GDI Seal Kit Solutions

With the rising number of vehicles featuring GDI technology, there's been a parallel increase in the demand for specialized maintenance solutions.

GDI combustion seal kit for complete GDI repairs.

Continued Gasoline Direct Injection Growth

In previous discussions, we've highlighted how Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) technology has become a significant force in the evolving automotive industry. Manufacturers are increasingly adopting GDI to enhance both fuel efficiency and performance. Reinforcing this trend, the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy recently reported that 73% of all light-duty vehicles manufactured in 2023 were equipped with GDI systems.

With the rising number of vehicles featuring GDI technology, there's been a parallel increase in the demand for specialized maintenance solutions, including GDI seal kits.

Dealerships are struggling to meet this demand, often offering incomplete solutions or worse, none at all, as they lack seal kit inventory altogether.

Comprehensive GDI Seal Kit Solutions

GB Remanufacturing steps in to fill this gap as the industry-leading provider of premium gasoline and diesel fuel injection products for the automotive aftermarket. We take pride in offering an extensive array of GDI seal kits, encompassing 32 SKUs that cover over 54 million vehicles in operation. Our comprehensive offering ensures that finding previously "hard-to-find" or "dealer-only" parts is now easier than ever.

Our kits are assembled to facilitate complete GDI repairs, including everything from specialized clips and washers to essential combustion seals - many of which were tooled in-house by GB Remanufacturing's engineering team. This ensures that technicians are equipped with all necessary components.

We've also recently introduced a premium GDI seal tool kit (GBTK-001). GBTK-001 is designed for resealing over 100 distinct GDI injectors, providing comprehensive coverage for more than 70 million vehicles in operation. This tool kit is tailored to address the unique installation requirements for both universal and Lexus-specific GDI systems, allowing for efficient and precise installations. GBTK-001 epitomizes our commitment to ensuring that technicians and shop owners have all they need for complete GDI repairs.

GB Remanufacturing Premium GDI Seal Tool Kit
GB Remanufacturing Premium GDI Seal Tool Kit

Our GDI seal kits are not only about providing a solution; they represent an opportunity for low investment with excellent margins, spanning a wide array of vehicles. This extensive coverage guarantees that your business can service a broad spectrum of GDI engines, bolstering both your serviceability and profitability. No matter the GDI-equipped vehicle you encounter, our offering means you're well-prepared to handle it.

At GB Remanufacturing, our leading GDI fuel injection program is designed to empower shop owners and technicians, enabling them to expand their service capabilities confidently. With the right parts readily available, we ensure you're equipped to meet the demands of modern vehicle maintenance.

For further information on our GDI seal kit offering, we encourage you to explore our eCatalog or contact our sales team for additional information.


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