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GB Remanufacturing, Inc. Joins Aftermarket in Support of Right to Repair

LONG BEACH, California - August 3, 2023

American flag with incorporated Right to Repair logo.

GB Remanufacturing, Inc. is proud to unite with its industry colleagues, customers and competitors in universal support of Right to Repair.

Right to Repair is the concept that people should have the right to repair the products they own, and also have access to repair information and replacement parts from manufacturers.

The REPAIR Act is a legislative initiative aimed at ensuring that individuals, including professionals in the automotive aftermarket, have access to the information, tools, and parts necessary to repair and maintain vehicles. The act is designed to address issues related to the proprietary nature of modern vehicles, where manufacturers often restrict access to certain data and components, making it challenging for independent repairers to compete with authorized dealerships.

Imagine this...

The below scenario helps explain the importance of Right to Repair as it relates to safely repairing vehicles on the road. If passed, the REPAIR Act ensures a fair market for automotive repairs in which both the driver and the automotive aftermarket benefit tremendously.

Imagine you own an iPhone (i.e. vehicle), and it starts experiencing issues that need repair. Under the current circumstances, you might feel compelled to take it to an Apple Store (i.e. authorized dealership) or an authorized repair center for assistance. However, you might find that the cost of repair at these locations is significantly higher than what you expected, or that they have a long waiting list for appointments.

Now, let's envision a scenario where the REPAIR Act is in place. This legislation would require Apple to share repair information, tools, and genuine parts with independent repair shops, as well as with consumers who wish to fix their devices themselves. As a result, you could have the option to take your iPhone to a local repair shop of your choice, one that might offer more competitive prices and a faster turnaround time for repairs.

With the REPAIR Act in effect, independent repairers would have access to the same resources as authorized Apple Stores. They would be equipped to diagnose and fix issues with your iPhone efficiently and effectively, just like the official channels. Additionally, the availability of genuine parts would ensure that your device is repaired with high-quality components, maintaining its performance and longevity.

You might also have the option to repair minor issues on your iPhone independently if you prefer a DIY approach. The REPAIR Act would enable you to access repair guides and purchase necessary components, providing you with greater control over the repair process.

Right to Repair matters for the automotive aftermarket

If passed, the REPAIR Act supports the idea that people should have the ability to maintain and fix their vehicles at the repair facility, both independent and dealer, of their choice (including their driveway), rather than having to rely solely on the manufacturer or authorized repair shops to do so.

The REPAIR Act is essential for professionals in the automotive aftermarket because it ensures access to information, tools, and parts, fostering fair competition, reducing repair costs, promoting innovation, and empowering consumers. By supporting this act, professionals in the automotive industry can better serve their customers and contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable repair ecosystem.

Right to Repair matters for everyday drivers

If the REPAIR Act does not pass, everyday drivers will face limited repair options, higher costs, and reduced convenience. Manufacturers will continue to restrict access to essential repair information and parts, leaving drivers with fewer alternatives for vehicle servicing. This could result in increased repair expenses at authorized dealerships and longer wait times for repairs.

Additionally, the lack of competition may impact the timely availability of necessary repairs, potentially affecting the safety and reliability of vehicles. Older vehicles may also be harder to maintain, leading to premature scrapping and environmental concerns.

The absence of the REPAIR Act could limit consumer choice and have significant implications for the accessibility and affordability of automotive repairs.

GB Reman Supports the Right to Repair Act

GB Remanufacturing, as a member of both the Auto Care Association and MEMA, is proud to support the REPAIR Act.

Michael Kitching, President & CEO of GB Remanufacturing, commented on his support of the act, both as an aftermarket professional and as someone who drives a car every day.

"Supporting Right to Repair is a no-brainer. As a leader in the automotive aftermarket, GB Remanufacturing fully supports Auto Care and MEMA in their initiative to pass the REPAIR Act.

He continued. "In addition to supporting Auto Care and MEMA, we have taken steps to educate our own employees, families and friends. The fact is that Right to Repair affects anyone who drives a car - it's that simple. We feel it is necessary for us to make that known to everyone we can."

Several team members of GB Remanufacturing will attend the Auto Care Associations' Fall Leadership Days and Legislative Summit this September to unite with industry professionals in the political center of the United States and focus on the issues impacting the independent aftermarket industry.

The two-day event will include visits and meetings with members of Congress and their staff on Capitol Hill where aftermarket professionals will discuss the importance and necessity of Right to Repair and what it means for both the industry and for everyday drivers.

Join us in supporting Right to Repair. It takes 30 seconds!


About GB Remanufacturing, Inc.

Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Long Beach, CA, GB Remanufacturing, Inc. is the market leader in providing remanufactured OEM gasoline and diesel fuel injectors, injector components and diesel electronics to the automotive aftermarket.

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Marketing Manager, GB Remanufacturing

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