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How GB Reman is Empowering Tomorrow's Technicians

LONG BEACH, California - May 1, 2024

GB Remanufacturing is proud to partner with our local Long Beach City College (LBCC) to equip its Automotive Technology Program with two of our cutting-edge test machines: GB800 and GB315R.

As the industry evolves, there is a pressing need for skilled technicians with hands-on experience in fuel injection systems. Recognizing this need and the importance of nurturing the next generation of automotive professionals, Long Beach City College has invested in two of GB Remanufacturing’s state-of-the-art test machines.

Equipped with advanced diagnostic capabilities and designed for real-world application, the test machines will provide students with invaluable hands-on experience in diagnosing, servicing, and maintaining MPFI and diesel fuel systems. This investment underscores Long Beach City College's commitment to preparing students for successful careers in the automotive industry and addressing the ongoing technician shortage.

"We are thrilled to partner with Long Beach City College in our shared mission of empowering the next generation of automotive technicians," said Delaney Kitching, Marketing Manager at GB Remanufacturing. "By providing students with access to cutting-edge technology like our test machines, we are not only bridging the skills gap but also inspiring younger generations to pursue careers in the automotive industry."

Long Beach City College's Automotive Technology Program is renowned for its hands-on approach to education and its commitment to excellence. With the addition of GB Remanufacturing's GB800 and GB315R machines, these future technicians will be better equipped to meet the demands of our industry.

Download our test equipment brochure to learn more about GB Remanufacturing's state-of-the-art fuel injection service and diagnostics equipment.


About GB Remanufacturing, Inc.

Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Long Beach, CA, GB Remanufacturing, Inc. is the market leader in providing remanufactured OEM gasoline and diesel fuel injectors, injector components and diesel electronics to the automotive aftermarket.

Contact: Delaney Kitching

Marketing Manager, GB Remanufacturing

(562) 272-7333


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