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What is Reman Day? 

GB Remanufacturing is passionate about doing our part to give back and add some good to the world. Celebrated globally by remanufacturing companies around the world, Reman Day promotes the important part we play in remanufacturing.


As a key member of the circular economy, Reman Day demonstrates the innovative ways members of all industry sectors are advancing remanufacturing and substantiates the positive environmental impact of this global industry.

Remanufacturing, defined.

The Remanufacturing Industries Council worked with a Remanufacturing Consensus Body to review countless definitions of remanufacturing and settle on a consensus definition along with documentation of the process of remanufacturing. The standard developed through this work was initially published in 2017 and revised in 2021.

Remanufacturing is a comprehensive and rigorous industrial process by which a previously sold, leased, used, worn, remanufactured, or non-functional product or part is returned to a like-new, same-as-when-new, or better-than-when-new condition from both a quality and performance perspective, through a controled, reproducible, and sustainable process.

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Check out our Knowledge Center.

The GB Knowledge Center is an online technical resource designed for automotive repair shop owners, technicians and counter professionals who are looking to deepen their understanding of fuel injection systems, diagnostics and evolving technologies. Packed with informative and easily digestible articles, the GB Knowledge Center aims to demystify the complex workings of various fuel injection system operations, common issues and technical tips as they relate to servicing fuel injection-related repair jobs.

Joe Evert, GB Remanufacturing’s director of engineering and operations, commented on the company’s launch of the Knowledge Center. “Fuel injection systems are complicated, with fuel injectors being one of the most important parts of a car’s engine,” he said. “We are committed to providing the necessary tools to ensure those working in the field are equipped with the most relevant and reliable information when it comes to understanding and servicing the dynamic fuel injection systems and technologies present in today’s vehicles in operation.” 

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