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To replace fuel injectors in singles, or sets?

We are often asked if injectors should be replaced in sets. The short answer is yes, although it does impact the economics of the repair bill. Here are some reasons you might consider replacing a set of injectors, rather than replacing just the bad units.

Picture of single injector versus a set of injectors.

When an injector fails and the time comes to replace the injector, you will likely ask yourself or a shop technician the question “Should I just replace this injector, or all of them?”

While only replacing the single, failed injector might seem like a sound solution that costs less upfront, there are several associated risks that increase the likelihood of this option costing you more in the long run.

Replacing injectors in sets ensures each cylinder is receiving the same amount of fuel because all of the injectors will most likely be in the same condition. The result is better performance and improved fuel economy. With gas prices at record levels, fuel economy improvements are as important as ever.

If one injector is performing poorly, the chances are very high that the remaining injectors are in a similar condition, or will be in the near future. We all know that returns to the repair shop are frustrating and time consuming, especially if the cause for back-to-back trips could have been prevented - like repeated fuel injector failures.

By replacing all of the injectors with a reasonably priced, high quality injector, like those remanufactured by GB Remanufacturing, you ensure that you don't have to spend the time or money to make that second or third trip back to the shop.

Because the labor to do a single injector is often comparable to doing all of them at once, you will also be provided with a quote for the total repair that is substantially less than the original equipment dealerships.

Now, as for what kind of fuel injectors we recommend you replace your injectors with?

We would be lying if we didn't recommend replacing your fuel injectors with GB brand remanufactured fuel injectors. Our premium remanufactured fuel injectors meet or exceed OEM specifications and are exact OE replacements, and if you've read our blog post about aftermarket injectors, you will understand why this is so important for the performance and longevity of your vehicle. Plus, GB brand remanufactured fuel injectors are typically one third the price of new OE injectors or consolidated aftermarket units.

Here’s the bottom line: Replacing your fuel injectors in sets saves you time, money, and those frustrating trips back to the shop. It's that simple. Replacing injectors in sets is a win-win.


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